Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Stuff: August 2009 Astrophotos

August was a great month if going by the numbers. Below is a great gallery with some of everything from wide angle to prime focus in a telescope, plus one where I decided to get creative. Enjoy.

Foggy night with overexposed Moon

M2 globular cluster

Pleiades and Hyades-Star Wars style!

Eagle Nebula (M16), better one coming in Sept. gallery!

M56 globular cluster

Double star Alberio at prime focus in ED80

Gemini and Venus just before dawn

Orion rising just before dawn

Jupiter and moons at prime focus in Orion ED80.

Wide angle star clusters: Pleiades (top) Hyades (bottom).

Orange Moon rising (2 exposures stacked)

The same orange moon rising through Orion ED80

Venus and Moon through clouds

Crescent with sunset and clouds

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