To save you, the reader, the trouble of looking through the entire history bar for a specific article, I've archived all my astronomy articles onto this hub page. Be sure to check back here for more!

General Astronomy
Composite Photo: Super and Mini Moons
The 10 Brightest Comets of All Time
5 Ways the Cosmos Could Kill Us
A Complete List of 21st Century Solar Eclipses in the United States
What are the Northern Lights?
Finding the Holy Grail (Young and Old Moons)
The Complete List of Messier Objects
The Planet of Bethlehem?
Benjamin Franklin and DST
Why We Would Miss the Moon if it Blew Up
Happy Aphelion!
The Dog Days Have Arrived
The Dog Days are Over
Possible Meteorite Fall in Ohio
The 1833 Leonids: History's Greatest Meteor Storm
New Element Named for Copernicus

Who Needs a Tripod for Astrophotography?
Penny Pincher Astrophotography
What is an Apochromat?
Fixing A Loony LXD-55
The Coolest Astrophotography Toy Ever
Daytime Polar Alignment
Using a Telescope as a Camera Lens
Taking Astrophotos Without Breaking the Bank

Ancient Astronomy 
A History of Cosmology: Prehistory to Present
Galileo's Fingers Go on Display.
Renaissance Astronomy: Part 1
Renaissance Astronomy: Part 2
Renaissance Astronomy: Part 3
The Equinox and a Magic Show from the Maya
Ancient America: the Moundbuilders
Ancient America: the Southwest
Ancient Egypt
Classical Greece
The Summer Solstice Sun and the Size of the Earth

Scientific Literacy (or Lack Thereof) in the United States
Human Achievement Hour vs. Earth Hour
Daylight Savings Time Trivia 
Favorite Carl Sagan Quotes
The Equinox and Sad Irony of Tourism
Earth: Our Pale Blue Dot

No Baloney Allowed
Astronomy vs. Astrology: Do People Know the Difference?
Blood Moon/Tetrad Prophecy Debunked
Mars 'Rat' Joins Long List of Mars Visual Deceptions
Belief in Pseudoscience Rampant as 2014 Dawns
Baloney Busted: Prophecy of the Popes
The Ultimate List of Failed Doomsday Predictions
The Star of Bethlehem Explained?
The Case for Evolution: the Facts that Support the Theory
A Brief History of Alien Hoaxes
A History of Spirit Photography
Maya 2012 Doomsday Examined
Area 51, Roswell, Doomsday, and FUD
8 Reasons Not to Believe in Alien Encounters
Only 8% of Republicans Believe in Evolution: Do You?

Apollo 18 Hits Theaters: Don't Believe the Fiction
The Star Naming Scam: Don't Be a Victim!

Space Exploration:
10 Years of 'Opportunity'
Is NASA on Verge of New Golden Age?
Remembering Neil Armstrong: American Hero, Ideal Role Model 
Are Technologically-Advanced Civilizations Destined to Self-Destruct?
John Glenn's 50th Anniversary
NASA Unveils SLS Deep Space Rocket
10 Years Past 2001 and Why no Space Odyssey? 
The End of an Era Begins

The Grand Tale of Exploration
Yuri Gagarin's 50th Anniversary
In retrospect: space shutte Endeavour
Endeavour and the ISS from space
The Case for Manned Spaceflight
The Beginning of the End for NASA
The Sorry State of NASA 42 Years After Apollo 11
The Shuttle Era is Over, Now What?