Friday, December 28, 2012

The Ultimate List of Failed End of the World Predictions

As everyone now realizes, the end of the Long Count did not mean the end of the world. So, with some free time on my hand, I decided that it would be fun to compile an ultimate list of failed doomsday predictions just for the purpose of showing the fallibility of such prophets of doom which, to this point, have all been wrong.

Fortunately, someone else has already taken the trouble to do this. Go here for a link to what is, without doubt, the ultimate online list of failed Doomsdays, hundreds of predictions long. The best part: a lot of these predictions have references for them, going to show that they are for real.

Needless to say, by looking at past predictions, it is easy to see that no one knows when the end of the world will be coming as, so far, the prophets of doom are 0 for several hundred. So, with this glittering track record behind them, don't worry next time some loon appears on TV or late-night radio claiming, without a shred of physical evidence, that the end is near.

Enjoy and laugh!

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