Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who Needs A Stinkin' Tripod for Astrophotography?

Yes, I haven't forgot about reviewing my “new” Nikon D700, but ever since I've got it, there's not been anything really worth shooting. Basically, Northeast Ohio has been stuck in a rut of ugly winter days characterized by clouds and old, no longer white show that isn't worth venturing out in the 20 degree temperatures for. Nights? Well, they've been cloud-outs through and through.

However, I got lucky yesterday with some momentarily clear skies that allowed for a few minutes of playing around in the dark. Result: if you have a fast lens (as in 50 f1.4 fast) and don't mind cranking up the ISO to 6400, you can leave the tripod inside for astrophotography! Yes, that's right, forget the tripod! Sure, the images when viewed in full won't be as pretty as ISO 100 shots but, for small web files like the ones below, it won't matter much.

The D700 truly does open new photographic possibilities that were unimaginable was the last generation of cameras.

 Big Dipper, 1/4 second hand-held with D700 and 50 f1.4 D wide open

Cloud shrouded Moon, 1/25th second hand-held with D700 and 50 f1.4 D wide open

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