Monday, January 3, 2011

Examiner for Weeks of 12/19 and 12/26, More

Well, a lot of my Examiner stuff from these two weeks is already out-dated as the photography column was dominated by Christmas related buying advice and sale announcements and the astro column was all about the eclipse for pretty much that whole week. So, what we have left is posted below.

New Zealand releases 60 years of UFO files
Featured sight for week of 12/26: Mercury rising
The Christmas blizzard from space
See Jupiter and Uranus tonight
Jennifer Aniston compared to Crab Nebula
Celebrate the new year with the Dog Star
Featured sight for the week of 1/2: Jupiter and Uranus at their closest

Facebook now using face scanning software to find pics of you
More racy pictures of Miley Cyrus hit the web
HTC Thunderbolt photos leaked?
2010 predictions revisited
2011 predictions

Coming up:
December 2010 astrophotos: don't get too excited, 29 of 31 nights were cloudy!

D700 on its way: snagged an unbelievable deal, camera and lens (50 f1.4D) should arrive sometime this week, expect some random musings onthe Canon to Nikon and APS-C to FF switch.

Can't Believe This:
People are still stupid: "2011 Horoscope" was still #6 on Yahoo's trending list this morning. Will people ever learn that astrology is complete nonsense?

Thanks For Reading
Well, I must be doing something right with my Examiner columns as I had over half a million hits last year! Thanks to everyone for reading, you've made me richer and I sincerely hope I've made you more informed on events photographic and/or astronomical in nature.

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