Saturday, January 15, 2011

Examiner for Weeks of 1/2 and 1/9

I missed a week, but I'm making up for it here with two weeks worth of links to my most recent Examiner articles. So, if you missed anything, here you go.

Featured sight for the week of 1/2: Jupiter and Uranus at their closest
Proof positive people will always believe stupid things
Partial Solar eclipse
Naked eye astronomy for January
The January Sky
January featured sight: seeing double
The future for NASA, American jobs, is uncertain
Featured sight for week of 1/9: low temps, high Mercury
Rep. Giffords shootings brings more uncertainty to NASA

2010 predictions revisited
2011 predictions
Photography's best of 2010
Photography's worst of 2010

Tuesday's solar eclipse in photos
D7000 vs. big brother Nikons
CES 2011 is underway
 Debunking dead bird craziness
CES 2011 in review
Lady Gaga's camera glasses: a voyeur's dream come true?
Sony aims to 'change the world'
Will Lady Gaga's camera glasses be banned?
Get cash for your old cameras
Will photo get start to get shoddy?
Restocking fees: soon to be a thing of the past?


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