Friday, September 2, 2011

Apollo 18 Hits Theaters: Don't Believe the Fiction

Promotional material for Apollo 18 hints that aliens had something to do with the end of lunar exploration.

Today, a movie called Apollo 18 hits theaters all across the world after a slew of production delays that pushed back the film's release by nearly a year. For anyone reading this who is somewhat well-versed in the history of NASA, one thing comes to mind: the Apollo Program ended after 17 missions. Well, according to the film, there was an 18th, top-secret Apollo flight to the Moon that led to the discovery of something so horrible that NASA decided to abandon its Moon missions entirely.

Needless to say, the film is fiction, involves a truly impossible scenario, and should be taken as entertainment only.

Unfortunately, thanks to the Internet, groundless conspiracy theories can gain a foothold in the public mind like never before thanks to the 'if I hear it enough, it must be true' idea. Hopefully, tough, a conspiracy-hungry, government-wary public will be able to tell this film for what it really is: fantasy, pure and simple.

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