Sunday, September 25, 2011

Examiner for weeks of 9/11, 9/18

Well, it's been a busy week on Examiner with all of the UARS stuff going on. Below you'll find all the non-UARS news, as well as a special UARS coverage list comprising articles from all of my columns.

Space News
9/11 from space
50 new planets, 16 super-Earths discovered
NASA unveils 400 foot rocket
Comet Elenin doomed
Real life Tatooine
Rocks indicate Mars was once warmer, wetter
UFO sightings on the rise

National Photography
9/11 memorial photo roundup
ACLU launches photographers' rights page
Scarlett Johansson photo hack, FBI gets involved
Grandparents with webcam
Camera lens falls through roof
Constitution day is today, picture taking a right
Glowing cats help with AIDS research
The Emmys in photos
Nicholas Cage a vampire?
Crooks use red lights cams to steal identities

Cleveland Astronomy
Featured sight for week of 9/11: Harvest Moon
Watch comet's death dive into Sun
'Doomsday' comet doomed
Real life Tatooine
They have landed!
Featured sight for week of 9/18: Autumnal Equinox
Take a ride aboard the ISS
Now is the best time for stargazing

Cleveland Photography
Cleveland Browns Stadium is photo-friendly
Nikon stocks on rise based on rumor

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