Sunday, June 6, 2010

May 2010 Astrophotos

May was quite a month for astrophotography. First, May-June is the time for the early globular clusters, three of which (M13 in Hercules, M5 in Serpens, and M3 in Bootes) are represented (I'll try for M92 this month). While spring may offer only a few globulars, all of the four mentioned here are among the sky's best even though the summer sky contains many more. May also presented a nice Jupiter-Moon conjunction early in the month. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that it was clear all three mornings ofthe closest passes! May also produced a Young Moon (24 hours or less) on the 14th. All in all , good times for shooting. Enjoy!

The Milky Way through the Summer Triangle, 5 minute single exposure

M13, the great Hercules cluster

M5 in Serpens, another beauty

M3 in Bootes, the first big globular of the season

M94 galaxy just below the Big Dipper

May 14 produced a Young Moon, captured on the P&S Olympus

Jupiter and Moon

Closest pass the next day

The day after close approach

Clouds and an orange Moon

Jupiter is well up by 4:45am EDT

Moon through the ED80
Note: all of the remaining Moon shots were done with the pocket Olympus (as were the conjunction pictures), this goes to show what a P&S cam can go

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