Sunday, December 19, 2010

Examiner For Week of 12/12, Other Interesting Events

Another week, another Examiner roundup, plus a couple of big things coming down the pike.
The origin of the Geminid Meteor Shower
Geminid viewing tips
Geminid Meteor Shower continues past the peak
Space shuttle Discovery to be rolled back from launch pad
Smash the asteroid into Earth, see what happens
Total lunar eclipse is coming!

Miley Cyrus bong video may be her undoing
Metrodome roof collapses
How to photograph meteors
Hands-on with the Nikon D7000
Rate classmates hotness with new website
Bob Feller: a life in photos
Free Shipping Friday
Score deals at Super Saturday sales

Thing 1: Total Lunar Eclipse Monday NightLucky us, all of North America will get treated to a total lunar eclipse, visible from beginning to end, on the night of December 20/21, the 21st also being the solstice, and thus the first solstice eclipse since 1638 and only the second in the last 2,000 years!

Thing 2: December 21Ah, yes, Tuesday, in addition to being the start of Winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) is also December 21, the day that many people all around the globe fear that our world, or even universe, may end. So, is all the doomsday hype justified or just a bunch of hot air? Check back for an objective examination of the 2012 Maya doomsday "prophecy."

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