Sunday, February 20, 2011

Running Tracker: 2011 Predictions

At the start of the year, I made a bunch of predictions on my Examiner column about what the photography world would have to offer consumers. Well, rather than forget about them until December like last year, why not keep a running count of predictions that have come true as they happen?
Well, that's the idea behind the following list.
Below you will find a concise list of all my 2011 predictions, with those yet to happen and those that have come true highlighted. As the year goes on, expect regular updates whenever one of my prognostications comes to fruition.
Come True:
More phase-detection AF in P&S cameras: (1/26) Ricoh CX5
Weather-sealed Sigma lenses: (2/8) 12-24 Mark II, New 105 Macro
New Upper D-Rebel: (2/8): T3i, gets 7D's remote flash control, xxD line's AF, color-based metering
New Entry D-Rebel: (2/8): T3, an obvious replacement for the old XS
Trickle-down SLR features: (2/8) Canon Rebel T3i gets 7D's remote flash firing capability, xxD line's AF system
Yet to Come
P&S pixel race to stagnate
AF microadjust in sub $1,000 camera
New Canon ultrawide(s) for FF
D700/D300 successors
More AF-S updates
New entry, mid-level Four-Thirds dSLRs
Constant f2.8 zooms for Olympus
Panasonic to focus on Four-Thirds camcorder
Telephoto Panasonic lens
Pentax K-5 big brother
New Pentax ultrawide lenses
Full frame mirrorless Sony camera
More sonic-drive Tamron lenses
More FF-capable, pro-grade Tokina lenses

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