Sunday, March 27, 2011

Examiner for Weeks of 3/20, 3/27

It's been two weeks since I've done an Examiner roundup, so here's what's been going on for the last 14 days. You will notice another listing too, one for space news, so be sure to check out my new column while you're at it!

Old Links Don't Work
Last year, changed the look of its website, which extended into altering all of the individual users' URLs, too. For months, however, the old URLs continued working. Now, come March, 2011, 7 months after the switch, the old URLs no longer work. So, for anyone who has me bookmarked with old web addresses, it's time to update.
My “new” URLs are as follows, so be sure to save them if you want to keep reading my stuff without having to go through this website first!


Now for the roundup . . .
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