Friday, July 29, 2011

Take Astrophotos With Your iPhone Using the AstroClip-Maybe

With your help, the iPhone 4 can be an astrophotographic tool.

In a rather interesting story I just bumped into on Universe Today, Matthew Geyster is seeking to launch a project that will allow iPhone 4 users to couple their phones onto any 1.25” telescope eyepiece in order to take simple astrophotos through the eyepiece itself.

Unfortunately, there's just one problem: money.

Getting things patented and then produced is a rather expensive process that is beyond the scope of most individuals, including Geyster. As a result of this financial problem, Geyster has pitched his AstroClip on the website Kickstarter, which allows cash-strapped inventors to pitch ideas to the public and visitors to contribute money towards a project in amounts ranging from $1 to over $500.

So far (on 7/29/2011) there are 36 days in the cash drive left, but over $12,000 more needs to be collected in order to make this cool idea become a reality. Want to help? Go here and kick in some cash!

The full story:
Universe Today
The AstroClip:
Official Website

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