Friday, December 9, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Morning

Totality from a 2008 total lunar eclipse.

There is going to be a total lunar eclipse tomorrow morning that will be visible, at least partly, for most of the United States.

The eclipse's visibility.

As you can see, the Eastern United States will get virtually no eclipse at all, unless you consider the barely visible penumbral stage part of the eclipse. For people living in the EST meets CST area, you will be able to see a brief part of the partial phases at moonset. The farther West you live, the more you will be able to see, with people on America's West Coast being able to see just about all of totality and, in addition, the rare phenomenon, of senehelion, wherein the eclipsed Moon and Sun are visible in the sky at the same time thanks to the refraction of light caused by the atmosphere.

Photographing the eclipse:
Through a telescope
With a dSLR
With a cheap pocket cam

Start to finish eclipse photo gallery

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