Monday, March 19, 2012

Ken Rockwell's 'Holy Grail' (13mm f5.6 Nikkor) for Sale on Ebay

Behold . . . The Holy Grail!
Yes, the 13mm Nikkor f5.6 AI, perhaps the rarest non-prototype photographic lens (certainly for wide angle lenses) in the world is up for sale on Ebay. Want to own the lens Nikon guru Ken Rockwell has dubbed 'The Holy Grail?' Well, here's your chance, if you have tens of thousands of dollars to burn, that is. For the rest of us, it may be fun to keep an eye on the bidding as there is no 'Buy it Now' option, meaning that the lens will sell for as much as the top bidder is willing to pay, which could be a lot! Expect daily updates as the bidding war ensues!

Day 1 of the Grail Tracker:3/19, 1:00pm EDT: top bid is $12,000.

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