Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Month Until 'Doomsday'

Today is November 21, 2012, which means that, in exactly one month, the Maya Long Count calendar will run out which, for many people, means only one thing: the end is nigh.

Well, maybe.

The brief fact of the matter is that nothing is going to happen on December 21. Why? Calendars are man-made creations and it is nothing short of asinine to assume that the natural world is going to bend to the will of man and his little time keeping device. Heck, Y2K (remember that?) had a higher probability of becoming reality than this whole 2012 Long Count thing does as there was at least a very (can't emphasize the 'very' enough) remote chance that computers could go crazy.

Yes, the world could end at any time and if something does happen on December 21 to end all life on Earth, it will just be a coincidence. After all, if the Maya were so good at seeing the future, why on Earth didn't they see the downfall of their own civilization and do something to avert it?

Anyway, for history buffs, the story of how the whole 2012 doomsday thing could have gotten its start as a combination of science and religion is quite interesting, so why not take take a look?

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