Saturday, November 30, 2013

Breaking News: Comet ISON Disintegrating (VIDEO)

Call the Sun the Grinch as it appears to have just stolen Comet ISON! The latest videos from the SOHO solar observatory are showing a rapidly fading, dissipating Comet ISON racing away from the Sun. Unfortunately, while the previous reports of the comet's 'death' were quickly shown to be premature, this second demise looks to be for real.

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It was on Thanksgiving that the comet made its close approach to the Sun, coming within
a mere (in astronomical terms) 700,000 miles from our nearest star. Is is this close pass to the Sun, and the resultant melting of the comet that, according to optimistic estimates, could push Comet ISON to magnitude -11, or about as bright as the Full Moon. Unfortunately, though, the same mechanism that could make Comet ISON comet of the decade could also destroy it, which now appears to be the case
Stay tuned for more updates!

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