Friday, January 10, 2014

CES Day 3 Announcements

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is open!. CES serves as a showplace for all the latest in electronics gear, including cameras. Now, with the show open for business, manufacturers are really rolling out the new gear. Here's what's new today!

The big news of the day surrounds JK Imaging, which bought out a lot of Kodak's technology during that company's bankruptcy process. Now, K is going to be bringing some new gear to market, all under the Kodak nameplate.

Kodak PixPro S1: Micro Four Thirds,16Mp, 1080p HD video, wi-fi, sensor-based stabilization ($499 with a single lens kit and $599 with a two-lens bundle).

Kodak Astro Zoom AZ651: 65x zoom, articulating LCD, wi-fi, too. ($349).

More Astro Zoom: 4 more models are forthcoming, with lenses ranging from a 25 to 52x zoom and priced from $139-$249.

Smartphone clip-on lenses
SL25: 24-600mm film equivalent ($299)
SL10: 28-280mm film equivalent ($199)

Rugged Compacts
Kodak SPZ1 Action Cam: 3x optical zoom, 14 Mp, Video Image Stabilization. ($139).
Kodak SP1 Action Cam: ultrawide lens that has a whopping 160 degree field of view, wi-fi. ($169-$229 depending on the accessory package).

Beginner-friendly cameras
Kodak Friendly Zoom line: Prices will range from $69 - $129.

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