Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Specs: Canon G1 X vs. Canon G1 X Mark II

Canon has just launched the G1 X Mark II, which comes as an upgrade to the original G1 X, launched back in early 2012. The original version was, at the time of launch, the only large-sensor point and shoot camera on the market to feature a zoom lens. In the time since, other manufacturers have followed Canon's lead in developing such cameras which, undoubtedly, prompted Canon to develop a successor in an effort to stay ahead of the competition.

So, how does the new camera compare to the old? Well, let's have a look!

G1 X Mark II: metal
G1 X: metal

G1 X Mark II: 13Mp
G1 X: 14Mp
More pixels are good, but how will new do at high ISO?

Aspect ratios:
G1 X Mark II: 4G1 X: 5
Old wins again

G1 X Mark II: DIGIC 6
New wins here

Shutter Speed:
G1 X Mark II: 60-1/4000th sec
G1 X: 60-1/4000
th sec
Dead heat

Max. ISO
G1 X Mark II: 12,800
G1 X: 12,800
Tied here

G1 X Mark II: 24-120 f2.0-3.9
G1 X: 28-112 f2.8-5.8
New is better

Aperture Blades:
G1 X Mark II: 9
G1 X: 6
New wins

AF Points:
G1 X Mark II: 31
G1 X: 9
New obliterates old

G1 X Mark II: noneG1 X: Optical
Optical always wins

G1 X Mark II: 1,040k dot tiltingG1 X: 920k dot fully articulating
Old wins

Touch-Screen Capable:
G1 X Mark II: yes
G1 X: no
New wins here

Built-in flash:
G1 X Mark II: yes
G1 X: yes
Tied here

Continuous drive:
G1 X Mark II: 5.2fps
G1 X: 1.9fps

New obliterates old

Exposure Compensation:
G1 X Mark II: +/- 3 stops in 1/3EV steps
G1 X: +/- 3 stops in 1/3EV steps
It's a draw

G1 X Mark II: 1080p at 30fps
G1 X: 1080p at 24fps

Old loses here

Wireless control:
G1 X Mark II: yes
G1 X: no
New bests old

G1 X Mark II: wi-fi, NFC
G1 X: none

Old loses

Built-in GPS:
G1 X Mark II: no
G1 X: no

Same here

G1 X Mark II: 19.5ozG1 X: 18.8 oz
Old edges new

Needless to say, there's a lot of give and take here, with neither camera having a decided edge over the other. Expect analysis to be forthcoming tomorrow!

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