Tuesday, April 13, 2010

March 2010 Astrophotos

Here's the astrophoto gallery for March. Again, a lot of quick stuff except for the Constellation shots. April should start bringing some new deep sky as the LXD55 is finally working again after a reboot. Enjoy.
Young Moon and Venus

The Big Dipper, rapidly rising in the North/Northeast

Leo, almost directly overhead by true dark

Corvus. the tiny constellation in the South, May is the optimum time for viewing for the non-night owls before it quickly disappears

Venus and a 2 day old Moon

The same thing about half an hour later with my new Olympus Styulus 550WP weather-sealed point and shoot. Expect a review of this sub $100 bargain cam soon!

Sunspots through a white light filter

Waning Crescent in the dark

After a cloudy winter, it's nice to see the Sun first thing in the morning

Moonstars with the Olympus, the little P&S can do night astro!

Third quarter Moon

Waning gibbeous in the morning

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