Thursday, April 1, 2010

Canon Announces EOS 3D

Canon's newly announced EOS 3D

After a long wait by many, Canon has finally answered many users' prayers with the newly announced EOS 3D. Fitting the pattern started by the 7D in going toe-to-toe with Nikon (7D vs. D300s), Canon has announced the 3D as a direct competitor to the Nikon D700.

Here are some of the specifications at a glance:

Sensor: 16.5 million effective pixels in FF mode, 6.3 million effective pixels APS-C mode
Sensor Size: Full Frame 36x24mm, APS-C Mode: 22.3x14.9mm
Pixel Density: 1.9Mp per square cm.
AF system: Shared in entirety with 7D
Focus Screen: Interchangeable
Image Processor: Dual DIGIC IV
A/D Conversion: 14 bit
File Formats: 3 RAW, 3 RAW+JPEG, 12 JPEG
Movie Mode: full HD at 1920x1080p at a full 30fps, 2 smaller settings, too
Lenses: EF and EF-S
Dust Reduction: Yes
Shooting Modes: P, Av, Tv, Bulb, Program, 3 user defined settings
Metering: Shared with 1D Mark IV
Exposure Compensation: +/- 5 f-stops
ISO Settings: Default 50-25,600, expandable to 102,400
Shutter Speed: 1/8000th-30 seconds, bulb
Noise Reduction: 4 levels done through manual setting only
Viewfinder: 100% coverage, 1.0x magnification
LCD: 920,000 dot live view, 7 brightness settings, anti-reflective
Flash: Pop up, compatible with all Canon external flash units, integrated transmitter
Continuous Drive: 6fps, 8fps with battery grip
Buffer: 26 RAW, 115 highest quality JPEG
Custom Functions: 62
Storage: CF and SD, dual slots for twice the storage or data backup
Power: EP-E6
Battery Grip: EFTE4/E4A (shared with 5DII)
Material: Magnesium alloy inside and out
Weather Sealing: Full
Dimensions: 152x112x75mm
Weight: 850g without battery
Price: $2,999 body only

What's Hot:
Uses both EF and EF-S lenses. Nikon and Sony have had this capability since each manufacturer has had FF cameras. Now, after 3 years, Canon has realized that this is a good move. Better late than never.
Full weather sealing
Pop up flash. Yes, serious flash photogs wouldn't be caught dead using one, but it's good to have for emergencies
Frame rate boosted from 6 to 8fps with battery grip!
Interchangeable focus screens (why they left that out in the 7D, I have no clue)
Giant viewfinder
Dual card slots
Should have super-clean high ISO performance
The sub $3,000 price!

What's Not:
Still no AF assist lamp
Noise reduction off by default
Why not a FF sensor in a 7D body for grip compatibility?

The EOS 3D should be quite a camera as it takes the best of the 1D and 5D series, along with the 7D, and rolls them all into a single, outstanding by spec. sheet camera. The D700 is probably shaking in its shoes as we speak! My prediction is that this thing will be back-ordered for quite some time, so pre-order yours today so you don't have to wait for Christmas for it to finally come into stock.

For more information, see the full press release here.

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