Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back From "Vacation"

More Work
Yes, this is the first post in nearly two weeks time when things had been coming pretty much every other day up to that point for a few months. So what gives? This is what, I just got a second column on Examiner having to do with, guess what, astronomy. So please, check it out and help me pay my bills. This new column is the main reason nothing has shown up here for awhile.

A New Direction?
With the new Examiner column, things may change a bit here. The photos and reviews will keep coming, but the observing guides, events, and general news may slow down a bit as these types of things will be going to Examiner instead. However, there's a good chance that meatier versions of some of the things poste there may show up here, though.

Back To The Old Stuff
Don't worry, the already mentioned P&S macro article will be coming soon as will the June astrophotos, which will feature a meeting of Ceres and the Lagoon Nebula.

Humble requests:

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