Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Week On Examiner

Some of my stuff on Examiner seems to be disappearing into a black hole!

Anyone who has linked to my page in the past will have noticed that Examiner itself underwent a major redesign last weekend. As a result of the new formal, new URLs, and bugs that have arose from the all-new website, many of my articles are quickly becoming lost in cyberspace! Don't fear, though, I'll be linking to all my new stuff for the past week every Sunday (if I get ambitious, I may do it daily), at least until the bugs get fixed.

So without further delay, here's what I have written for the past week on Examiner:

Abandon Earth!
Brazil to release UFO files
50 years of SETI
50-year old skydiving record may soon fall
Are aliens out to kill us, mine planet for resources? Experts divided
Mary J. Blige: NASA's newest recruit
The Moon is shrinking
Watch the 'Demon Star' wink
'Stargazer' Jack Horkheimer Dies

Terrorists tired of being treated like photographers
Nikon rumors run wild
Baby with bong pic gets mom arrested
More Nikon gossip
Protect your teen from pornographers, 'sextortion'

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