Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping Advice: Day 2: The Salesman's 7 Costly Lies

In day 2 of the smart shopping installment, we focus on seeing the facts through the salesman's fistfuls of B.S. Listed below are 7 things a less than honest salesman (or woman) will probably tell you in order to convince you that that camera/lens you're looking at is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

More pixel mean better pictures
Tons of file size/formats are a great thing
The more shooting modes, the better
You need that ultrazoom lens
Electronic 'stabilization' is just as good as the optical variety
Look at how high the ISO can go!
Protect your investment, buy the extended warranty

More so than with any of the run-downs, a look at the full article is worth a look today as, naturally, some people may want some of these features despite the fact that they all have a dark side/are rather useless to a seasoned shooter.

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