Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Examiner for Week of 1/9

Another week over, another Examiner roundup arrived. NOTE: this was a very news-heavy week (CES releases for photography, Phobos-Grunt for astro), which means that a lot of the same stories were covered by both columns, which is why i'm not posing what are links to essentially the same material twice.

Space News
Amateur video of Phobos-Grunt
iPad survives fall from space
Will Doomsday Clock move?
1 minute closer to Doomsday
Russia blames America for space failures?

National Photography
Nikon D4 vs. Canon 1Dx
What is a XQD memory card?
Fuji announces X-Pro1
Canon announces G1X
G1X vs. G12
Fuji: X-Pro1 just the beginning
Android-powered Polaroid announced

Cleveland Photography
Ditto National

Cleveland Astronomy
Jan. featured sight: seeing double

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