Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nikon D4 vs. Canon 1Dx, Examiner for Weeks of 12/25, 1/1

The Nikon D4 is the big photographic news event of now.

First of all, I did a write-up on my Examiner column on the whole Nikon D4 vs. Canon 1Dx debate. Which is better? Why not see for yourself?

NOTE: the Examiner lists may seem thin, but this is because I'm not including links to timely news items, like solar storms, and other 1-day events. The more evergreen stuff is staying.

Space News
Comet Lovejoy from Space
ASU to look for alien artifacts on Moon
Amateurs photograph Phobos-Grunt
Science vs. 2012
Astrology: why people still believe
President Obama has gone to Mars!
Stephen Hawking: women are the universe's biggest mystery
Stephen Hawking defies ALS, turns 70

National Photography
Caught on camera: the birth of an island
New software tracks lost cameras
Stars we lost in 2011
2012: Doomsday for digital cameras?
In photos: Quadrantid Meteors
Video: marriage proposal goes horribly wrong
Nikon announces the D4
Nikon D4: a $6000 yawn

Cleveland Astronomy
Featured sight for week of 12/25: latest sunrises
Comet Lovejoy from space
Get Sirius: ring in the New Year with the Dog Star
NASA takes on 2012
President Obama has gone to Mars!
Happy perihelion
The January Sky

Cleveland Photography
The nightmare after Christmas: unwanted gifts
The horizontally-moving Sun
Screaming of a White Christmas!
What will 2012 mean for digital cameras?
2011 predictions revisited
Meteor photos online
Fuji announces a slew of new cameras
Nikon announces the D4
The Nikon D4: a $6000 disappointment

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