Sunday, September 5, 2010

This Week On Examiner

Well, two full weeks after the big redesign, the page views are starting to rise in a noticeable manner. However, some people may still be having trouble finding their way around the new website as there are a few bugs left, too. So, in case you missed something for the week, here's everything.

Take a walk in space with your iPhone
Featured sight for week of 8/29: Love, War, and the Virgin
Is China militarizing space?
Plymouth Rock in space
Project Mercury control center may become classroom
Ebay auction for weightless flight with James Cameron
The September sky
Local star parties for September
Hurricane Earl from space
Stephen Hawking: create a universe no God required
This month's featured sight: the speedy Sun

Glenn Beck Rally: how many people do you think showed up?
Check out top local bars with live video feeds
Burn, camera, burn!
The photo of the million dollar hair
New iPod gets dual cameras
First photos of latest oil rig explosion
Cleveland National Air Show photo tips
Weekend photo-op: waterspouts on Lake Erie
Cleveland Air Show from perspective of airsick reporter

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