Sunday, September 12, 2010

This week on Examiner

Examiner still isn't half (literally) of what it used to be, so, if you're missing/can't find my stuff, here's everything for this past week.

A history of science vs. religion
Featured sight for week of 9/5: a morning walk with the Dog Star
'Top Chef' cooks for NASA
Stephen Hawking's Grand Design reviewed
Asteroids buzz Earth, is doomsday unavoidable?
See the Air Force's "top secret" space plane
Constellation of the month: The Summer Triangle
See the Air Force's “top secret” space plane
9/11, the Sun, and Earth's climate

Weekend photo-op: waterspouts on Lake Erie
Cleveland Air Show from perspective of airsick journalist
ACLU fights for your right to video police
Tokina 28-70 review
Flashes of Hope cancer fundraiser's local origin
9-11: still chilling thanks to prevalence of digital cameras

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