Sunday, November 7, 2010

Examiner for Last 2 Weeks

Well, on account of my History of Ghost Photography article on Halloween (last Sunday), there was no Examiner update. This week makes up for it as there are two weeks worth of links to catch up on. So, if you missed anything, start clicking away!

The diving Dipper
See the International Space Station
Could Comet Hartley produce a meteor shower?
See the most intense storm in U.S. History-from space!
Asteroid to fly by Earth, see it tonight!
The comet that looks like a pickle
Featured sight for week of 10/31: the spring sky
The November Sky
Local astronomy events for November
'Big science' and the election
Cleveland weather for November
Comet Hartley's close up
NASA Glenn Center sent to lockdown after drill gone wrong
Discovery launch delayed until November 30

The 7 degrees of digital camera
Katy Perry wedding creates buzz
How to tell if your new lens is a lemon
Stars fight Photoshop
Errant hockey puck smashes camera
New anti-sexting app lets parents keep tabs on kids' phones
Time traveler caught on camera?
Imaging Resource posts real Nikon D7000 samples
Canon Powershot s95: the perfect pocket cam?
Cleveland's Franklin Castle: one of America's most haunted houses
Win big with your Halloween pictures
Canon to play Scrooge this Christmas
Do the best gifts come in open boxes?
Introducing the Jerkstopper
Pentax K-5 smokes the competition

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