Sunday, November 21, 2010

Examiner for the Week of 11/14, Other Updates

Another wek, another examiner roundup.

The Leonid Meteor Shower
Listen to the Leonids
How to avoid buying a junk telescope
Incredible new photos from pace, where have the dark skies gone?

High-speed cameras reveal physics of how cats drink
Consumer Reports is looking out for you
Park like an idiot? The whole world may soon be laughing at you!
Security may 'touch your junk' for refusing full body scans
Government responds to full body scanner controversy
The government is storing full body scanner images
Want to protect your valuables on a flight? Pack a gun
Local ex-councilman arrested for taking pictures

New Photos (sort of)

I went digging through old photos on the computer and found a couple that escaped attention when I originally did the astrophoto galleries, so here they are now:

Full Moon and Venus photos added to August gallery

Cool contrails added to September

Page Updates

October's photos can now be found under the Astrophotography Gallery

The Messier Object Gallery has been updated with October's photos, too.

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