Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Future for Nikon, Canon

The Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D4x are hot topics in the rumor mill. 

There's been a lot of hot news for Nikon shooters, namely the 1-2 punch that were the announcements for the D4 flagship model and 36Mp D800/D800E full frame dSLRs. For Canon shooters, there has officially been nothing in response, but there are some very intriguing rumors floating around the web, namely the imminent announcement of a 5D Mark III (could it be true?), which could come as early as tomorrow.

So, with all of these announcements and rumors floating around, let's have a little fun and imagine what the complete dSLR lineups for Nikon and Canon could look like by the time this product cycle runs its course.

Regular font: currently out
Underlined font: announced, not in stores yet
Bold font: predicted

Nikon lineup:

48-54Mp FF sensor
Better than 1080p video
5+ fps continuous drive
1:1, 3:2, 16:9, 4:3 aspect ratios
DX and CX crop modes
Simultaneous video and still shooting

Official website

Official website

16Mp FF sensor
6 fps (8 with battery grip)
95% viewfinder coverage
Single CF slot
Only a 3:2 aspect ratio
LCD: 3.2” non-brightness adjust
Less movie clip time as compared to D4

Official website


Official website


Official website

Now, onto the Canon side of things, which is a lot murkier . . .

1Ds Mark IV
Dual card slots
100% viewfinder
1Dx's AF system
Better than 1080p video
Simultaneous still and video


Official website

5Dx (or will it be a 3D?)
Dual card slots
100% viewfinder
3.5 fps
No weather sealing
7D's AF system
Better than 1080p video

5D Mark III

Dual memory card slots
100% viewfinder
1080p video


Official website

Official website

Rebel T3i
Official website

Rebel T3
Official website

The real question in the Canon lineup is over the 5DIII and whether Canon will split this into a low and high-res version or not. Personally, I think that there will be a 5DIII and a 5Dx (if that's even what it will be called) simply because of the fact that Nikon has the D800. Another point of note: the 1.3x crop APS-H line saw its last member with the 1D Mark IV.

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