Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Huge Week for Photography

This past week brought the CP+ photo show, which took place in Japan and served as an ideal launching point where various camera makers could show off their latest products. Well, the manufacturers didn't disappoint, either.

So, here's a list of the noteworthy announcements:

24-70 f2.8L II
D20 waterproof P&S

17mm f0.95 lens for Micro For Thirds

They're stopping the production of cameras

D800/D800E dSLRs. This was the big one and has been the subject of intense coverage on my Examiner column. Se the below to learn all about this great camera:
D800: the first full-res samples
D800 vs. D3x
D800 vs. D4
D800 vs. D700, 5DII, A900
Buy a D800 or wait for 16Mp FF D400?
D800: 36Mp of stupidity

Lenses for K, Q, and 645 mounts
WG-2 waterproof compact

OM-D pro-grade M4/3 camera
12-50 weather sealed lens
60 f2.8 Macro weather-sealed lens
75 f1.8
TG-820 waterproof P&S

DP1M and DP2M large sensor P&S models
Sigma also lowered the price on the SD1 to $2300, thus confirming that they've been screwing us over with the initial $10,000 price tag.

500f4 Telephoto lens
A900 successor conformed
15 E-mount lenses by end of 2013

24-70 f2.8 VC USD (oh, yes, this shoots the 24-70L II in the butt)

70-200 f4 with stabilization, sonic-drive AF
300 f6.3 mirror lens for M4/3

Needless to say, this list excludes all the dime a dozen pocket P&S models announced at te show.

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