Saturday, February 25, 2012

Canonrumors Claims to have 5D Mark III Specifications

The 5DIII could be right around the corner.

Nikon has been very busy rejuvenating its top-tier lineup in the past month with the D4 and D800/D800E. Canon? Well, it's all quiet, except for the photographers using Canon gear screaming for new cameras to replace their aging 5DIIs and 1DsIIIs, both around 4 years old, dinosaurs in the digital age.

Well, if one is to believe, the 5DIII is just around the corner, set for release on February 27 or 28. Oh, yes, the camera looks quite interesting, too, much more akin to a Nikon D700 than a Canon 5DII. In fact, the 5DIII could be the long-rumored 3D that would effectively blend characteristics of the 5D and 1D lines.

Well, in a couple of days, we may know if all the gossip is true, so stay tuned!

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